Safety Tips

Let’s all take care out there!
Here at Armada Dandenong Plaza we are committed to keeping the Shopping Centre community Safe, always.

Check out our kids safety video along with some useful safety tips for when you are shopping at Armada Dandenong Plaza.



Meet our safety character, Tommy the Trolley! Tommy teach kids how to shop safely at Armada Dandenong Plaza and covers topics like escalator safety, carpark safety, what to do if you are lost and more!

Watch Tommy the Trolley’s safety video below.

Plus, Tommy is on display on Level 2, near Daiso during Safety Week so you can take a photo with him too!



Keep in mind the following tips to keep you safe when you are shopping at Armada Dandenong Plaza.

Carpark Safety

Here are some useful tips to keep safe in carparks.

Remember to:

  • Use pedestrian crossings and footpaths
  • Watch for reversing vehicles
  • Hold hands with your little ones
  • Walk, don’t run
  • Return your trolley to the trolley bay
  • Look out for others who may need help

Loading Dock Safety

Loading Docks are an area of high risk and must only be used by authorized staff. To keep everyone safe:

  • Do not enter or exit the Centre via Loading Docks – use the Centre’s door entries instead.
  • No parking at the Loading Dock – it is not safe for your car and you can be fined.
  • Never drop anyone off at the Loading Dock – trucks and forklifts operate throughout the day and it is not safe for pedestrians.

Restricted Areas

Restricted Areas are areas in the Centre that are not safe for the general public. These are locked or blocked doors and signs are in place to restrict access to customers for your safety.

Escalator Safety

Here are some safety tips for when you are using an escalator or travellator.

  • Stand close to the Centre of the step and hold on to the hand rails
  • Step on and off safely by ensuring your shoes to not rub the brushes on the escalator/travellator to avoid getting your shoelaces or loose clothing stuck
  • Do not allow children to play on or near escalators/travellators
  • If you are pushing a trolley, pram of walking aid, or carrying large items, use the lifts instead.

Reporting Hazards

In the case you may notice something unsafe or someone in need of help, please contact our security team on 0438 527 771, tell a cleaner or the Centre Management Team on 9767 2000.

In the case of an emergency, call 000 immediately.

If you see something that is unsafe – please let us know!


More Safety Tips

Kids should always hold on to an adult instead of trolleys.

  • If your child is lost, please tell a Security Guard, Cleaning Staff Member or visit the Information Desk on Level 2, near Daiso.
  • Always walk, don’t run or ride bikes/skateboards inside.
  • Put rubbish in the rubbish bins.

Thanks for keeping your community safe!

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